Does anybody use Samsung galaxy watches with Wear OS (Read 22 times)


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    I'm becoming curious about these watches now that the GPS run time is a bit longer.

    They have big amoled screens, and on the LTE versions can be used to hail an Uber,  pay stuff,  browse Google maps or broadcast a run to friends.

    I have seen that it is possible to create simple workouts like 12x400 on the Samsung health app.

    GPS accuracy has improved a lot and per the latest review from dcrainmaker it's up there with the garmins.

    I have however not yet found a way to create custom workouts (like 8x2min then 2x5 min) except for an app called gear tracker. Is there another way?

    Is there anything else I'm losing other than battery life as compared to a Garmin watch?

    I know there's the Venu and Epix 2 watches,  but Epix 2 is almost a thousand bucks and the Venu seems limited to Garmin proprietary OS.

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