Yay for bike helmets! (Read 378 times)

Needs more cowbell!

    Madison, WI And this is exactly the sort of thing I want to point to when people start their "back in my day we didn't make kids wear bike helmets or sit in carseats and we turned out just fine." Yeah, we're the LUCKY ones. Wow, what a terrifying experience! k

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    • Chemo

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    I've got a fever...

      I've got two words for that (which I actually spoke aloud at the computer when I saw that pic). Holy. Shit.

      On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

        Looks like I'll be buying a Giro for me and the family for our bike rides.