Holy Crap! So Many Cheaters (Read 247 times)

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    Facial recognition technology to prevent marathon cheaters






    Facial recognition will be deployed at a marathon on Sunday in China to crack down on cheating, state media said, after a half-marathon was blighted by widescale flouting of the rules.


    Running and marathons are fast becoming popular in China, but the sport has also made unwelcome headlines and a half-marathon last weekend in Shenzhen later found that 258 runners had cheated, including many who took shortcuts.


    Police footage captured how some of the contestants ran across a traffic barrier covered with trees instead of jogging alongside it until they were able to make a U-turn.

      Cheating is only allowed in the Dipsea. I hope these people are jailed and forced to do hard labor.

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        Utterly pathetic. The cheaters probably spend most of their time on social media rather than actual training. 🤬

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            I just don't get the need to cheat. . . with over 300 cheaters (Honolulu) what was the point? Obviously not all were going to get awards. So, what is the motivation to cheat? I enter races (half marathons) for the fun of the event and to challenge myself. The finisher medal only means something if you've really run the race. Otherwise, why not simply buy medals off ebay?

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              people cheating doesn't really bother me unless it denies a legitimate age group top-three finisher from claiming their honor.

              But that said, in the pantheon of running event blasphemies, where does course cutting fall?

              Is it worse that banditing (running a race which you haven't paid for)?

              Which brings to mind a certain conundrum: If a runner bandits a race but then cuts a significant portion of the course, does it make their offense less bad? Or does it make it worse?

              I'd be interested to hear from a course cutter or bandit. I would.