Garmin 310xt sale @ RoadRunnerSports (Read 633 times)


    Dear Santas:

    While I'm not a fan of Road Runner sports, they've got a really good sale on for the Garmin 310 xt : $289  before November 28...


      Now that the 910XT is out I expect we'll see the price of 310XT coming down quite a bit. Everyone wants the latest and greatest...

        I hope the 910XT is an improvement on the 310XT, because at least in my experience the latter has been a pain in the butt.  Just got a refurbished unit from Garmin for £105 to replace my dead watch out of warranty.  Let's hope this newer one lasts a bit longer. The puzzling thing is that the dead unit was not actually heavily used, since I had left it with the DW to use, and she didn't like that it was so massive on her dainty wrist and so barely used it.  I used it maybe 30 times, and on only 3 swims!  I'm going to make sure with this new one that I rinse off any sweat immediately after each use and dry well.  Maybe it'll last longer.


        On a positive note, touch wood my 305 has lasted well, and I am Sweatman.

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          And Garmin has a $50 mail-in rebate going through 12/31/2011 on the 310XT.

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