Fuel belt is snagging my tights! What to do? (Read 216 times)


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    I wear an Amphipod 4 bottle run lite belt on my Saturday morning long runs of 15 miles plus.

    I just got a pair of Sugoi SubZero tights first part of December and the front of my belt is snagging the tummy portion of my pants. The belt velcros together but it doesn't seem to be the velcro doing it(the soft side faces my pants when attached to the rough side). It's like the stitching underneath the belt is doing it.

    I assume this would eventually put a hole in my pants or will it just look shaggy but be fine? Should I put a sock over this section or something? I can't pre drop nutrition and I have a handheld but really don't wanna hold something for hours at a time. I like the belt, I don't even notice it is on and it works really well. I just don't know what to do about the snagging issue and if it will ruin my pants or not.

    It doesn't seem to snag my lighter tights, capris, or shorts as I have worn it with all of those before. It just seems to be these pants, which are of course, my most expensive pair of pants AND kindof a splurge to begin with, so I was kindof hoping they would last a few seasons.


    Has anybody had this issue? What did you do?


      Could you wear a longer shirt & tuck it in under the belt so that the belt touches your shirt, but not your tights?


        Longer shirt or maybe switch to a handheld.



        levitation specialist

          It seems that if I wear it over a shirt, it slides up to my midsection(actually, more like chest!) It's like my waistband is what stops it from riding up,no matter how tight I wear it.

          I have a handheld 20oz Amphipod with pouch but man,I hate thinking about carrying that thing for 2 plus hours. But it's worth not buying new pants again so I might need to buck up during the cold & run handheld with these pants.

          damn. I like both items.....why can't they get along!


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            Figure out exactly what is snagging...perhaps it can be removed or covered with duct tape or moleskin or something???

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