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    Background: I've been running off and on my whole life (I'm 26 now). Consistently for the last two years. 10 years ago I had a gymnastic accident and torn my ACL. I had it fixed right away. Early in 2005 I had pain in the other knee and ended up having a MRI or MRA (whatever) which showed torn cartlidge (spelling?). The doctor said I didn't need to have surgery unless it was too painful and it could grow back. Since then I have been practicing yoga 5 days a week and have not felt a pain for 7 months. I have been running at least 24 miles a week. I usually run 7 miles a run. Tuesday/Thurs/Sat/Sun. This past week I did 35 miles by adding an extra day. I only run on a treadmill and wear three...yes three knee braces on each leg. Even though I feel no pain...I figure better safe than sorry. I generally run slow...the fastest being 8:30min miles-10min miles. I signed up for my first 5K and I'm nervous about running on pavement. So my question is this. I don't want to hurt my joints or bones or really anything. So is 30 miles safe to run weekly...Can I do more? Less? I basically want to keep improve and embrace outdoor running but I hear running is so bad for you over time. Can I run 7miles a session 4 days a week and not hurt my body? Running makes me feel sooooooooooo good now, but I'm scared I'm going to feel horrible when I'm 50. Any advice/encouragement would be wonderful
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      Hi, Chloe36. I think everyone's body is different in how much running is "too much." Some people can only run less than 20 MPW without hurting themselves, while others top 150 without injury. If what you're doing isn't hurting anywhere, then you're probably within your "safe" zone. My opinon is you shouldn't need knee braces to run - if you do and it's not part of a rehab process, then something's wrong. Why not do a "check-up" with your knee doctor and/or PT and see what they think about your knee and running, how the joint is holding up, and if the muscles are properly developed to hold things in place as they should. Good luck on your 5K! You may want to do some practice outdoors before the race because it is a different "feel" running on roads vs on the treadmill. And be aware that it takes your body some time to get used to the change in surface - so don't jump from completely TM to completely pavement all at once. Many runners here will disagree with this statement, but it is my opinion that running should not hurt - and that if it does soemthing's wrong. Pain's your body's way of saying "pay attention to me!" Gymnasts are a tough lot - they're used to practicing while injured. Runners shouldn't. That's my $.02. Smile Good luck! Janell

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        chloe, Welcome and thanks for posting! Janell has offered some great advice in her response and I will try not to be redundant. What I will add, however, is that I have had 2 ACL reconstruction surgeries (1x each knee). The first ACL injury came with the bonus of a pretty good tear in the cartiledge, which was "stitched up". This and the subsequent ACL surgery came with surgeon's advice that I would never be able to run Shocked Surprised Confused Black eye Angry again! Long story short, I can and do run any distance I fancy! AND I do it without a brace of any kind. I can't imaging you needing multiple braces [/listentoyourdoc]UNLESS DR ORDERED IT[listentoyourdoc], unless it is mental. By that, I mean that the mind doesn't forget the trauma the knee suffered and is very hesitant to send signals that it is OK to be active with the injured joint...it takes time! Running on a treadmill, or straitline running on a fairly smooth surface should not be an issue. Get out and test it on the roads [/listentoyourdoc]UNLESS DR ORDERED NOT TO[listentoyourdoc] and judge from that. I am guessing that your body will protest at first and know that your road performance will likely not match the treadmill pace (at first). Let us know how your 5k goes! and good luck! Lynn B

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