2013 Holiday Running Streak (Read 697 times)

    My out-the-door view:

      There it is, just required a little trickery.

        Nice scenery guys. Below is a view from my run today. Yeah, not much to look at but the sun was out, it was in the 40s, and the run was very enjoyable.


        If tomorrow's long run goes to plan I'll meet my milage goal and will have my highest mileage month of the year so I think I'll up it to 251 which will give me my highest mileage in the last 2.5 years. Despite that, I feel I've packed on a couple holiday pounds...


          Awesome views, Led and Josh! My views are much less spectacular.


          I also have no chance of breaking my monthly mileage record for the year, but if everything goes more or less as planned, I will have my 2nd highest month of the year, which will also be my 2nd highest ever. I will also easily break my mileage total for my previous longest streak, as I'm averaging about a mile per day more in this streak than in my previous one.


          Here is a pic from my run on Christmas:


          This was the prettiest weather I have been able to run in for a while, as it has been gray and rainy pretty much every weekend here, and during the week I only run in the dark.


          7.5 today, 12 mile progression run on tap for tomorrow.


          Happy streaking, everyone!

          PRs: 5K: 21:25, 10K: 44:05, HM: 1:38:23* (downhill), M: 3:32:09

            6.6 miles on day 64 of my streak, which put me over my 225 mile goal for December.  I also officially registered for my spring marathon (Toledo), so a good day today.

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              I am just squeaking in with a highest mileage year.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                6 easy this morning.  18 degrees.  A gentle wind wafting down out of the north at 600 miles per hour.


                I think this will be my highest mileage year ever, but it's been accidental.

                - Joe

                We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

                  If you run every day, you can't fall off the bandwagon and not run for 3 or 4 days at a time, like I have been doing!   Anyone thinking of running 365 in 2014?


                  I'll definitely give it a try because I'm really loving this streaking thing. And I've noticed the same benefits that you stated.


                  That said, I won't meet my mileage goal - I only have 20 km to go, but I'm racing on Tuesday (local fun poorly attended 5k, but I finished 2nd last year so of course I want to perform, heh) and since I feel a bit tired I plan to do only 2-3 km tomorrow.

                    16 mile progression run. Boom.

                    Runners run.

                      8 today. Shaping up to be highest mileage month and year ever for me. Really looking forward to next year and the possibilities that await. it is all a bit of an obsession but I don't think I could do it any other way. Almost starting to think of myself as a runner even.

                        And honestly, no matter that this is an alternative universe, I gotta thank you guys for the motivation this month. Plenty of days when I ran  when I didn't really want to or put in a few more miles. 3 more days to go!

                          6 easy this morning.  18 degrees.  A gentle wind wafting down out of the north at 600 miles per hour.


                          I think this will be my highest mileage year ever, but it's been accidental.



                          I think it was only 400 mph here, but temp was 6F, windchill -16.  I'm back to my usual haunts, and my 6.5 this morning was a kind of recovery run after 16 yesterday.


                          A regular run tomorrow as well, then DD and I are signed up for Last Run 2013 and First Run 2014, both 10Ks.

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                            32.4 miles yesterday in beautiful (and windy) Cape Cod.


                            1.25 miles today in the pouring rain with Mississippi and Rockenmama! 


                            MM #2929

                              8 miles for me today

                                7.4 on day 35. Pouring rain. Feel bad for wherever this precip is falling as snow. Could've got outside before the rain but,..... I love my family. Now if they would just let me watch the Pats in peace.