2013 Holiday Running Streak (Read 697 times)

    Great job, everyone!


    A little under 9 easy miles for me today, for 305 miles in my 36-day streak. As I mentioned a while back, I plan to continue it at least a few more days to go longer than my previous streak.


    It was fun reading about everyone's runs!

    PRs: 5K: 21:25, 10K: 44:05, HM: 1:38:23* (downhill), M: 3:32:09

      I glided to the finish with an easy 7 today.

      Runners run.

        Forty day streak completed for me, just over 200 miles. So glad I took this challenge!

        Carbs and Cabernet

           So glad I took this challenge!


          Mission accomplished!

          Thanks X. Already looking forward to next year's challenge.

            200 days into this streak and 1,674 miles. Fail on the 50k at today's Fat Ass. I stopped at mile 20.


            Thanks for starting this thread. Great motivation to get out the door.

            Get off my porch

              Congrats everyone for seeing this through. I consider this a success as I exceeded my mileage goal. Other and than 2 sick days in bed, I ran every day. What a fantastic experience. Looking forward to next year's Holiday Streak.



              2015 Goals:

              Sub 30 5K

              Sub 60 10K


                I thought I'd fail the streak for sure when we lost power in the ice storm that ate Toronto, but it turns out when roads are iced with 2"-thick sheets and littered with shattered trees, the best way to get around is on foot. By running I was able to get a better assessment of the damage and state of roads around me, and look in on neighbours I've come to know on my habitual running routes. A few of them came home with me -- at least I had firewood and a gas stove. Thank you Xhristopher for this unexpected benefit to our neighbourhood.


                Aside from the ice, it was the snowiest December we've had in a decade. Together, those two factors put my mileage goal out of reach: 206 for the month, missing my goal by 8. I finished up today running 7 in 7º, narrowly missing out on the More Miles than Degrees club. Tomorrow's another day though, reaching 1ºF, and 3ºF the day after. I'm planning to make two more attempts at membership, and keep the streak alive until some really bad weather happens.

                  I finished up the challenge with an 11.5 mile run today.  Coming off a marathon finish and a lazy period, this was the motivation I needed to get going again.  Guessed I would get 180, but managed to knock out 244 miles total.


                  I plan on attempting to keep it going.....we will see.


                  That's impressive!  Congrats!

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                    Congratulations to everyone!


                    Finished the Holiday Streak with a 5k Trail race. Trails are tough! Total miles 150.7.

                      X, I didn't meet my mileage goal for december, those were total streaking miles. I missed my december goal for 10 km or one run.


                      I was really fun doing this with you all. Thanks!

                        215 miles for December, 246 for the streak. Thanks, xhristopher!


                        Yesterday's run was an easy 9 miles along Lake Crescent:


                          Josh, did you take that picture? It is fantastic.

                            Josh, did you take that picture? It is fantastic.


                            My wife took this one. She told me to go run ahead, I thought because she wanted to look for birds or something. Really, she didn't want my goofy face messing up the picture.

                              Josh, I'd love that view and weather right now. Mother Nature is taking a big nor'easter dump on us right now.


                              I finished my streak with a 5K yesterday and exceeded my lofty (for me) mileage goal. This year's streak was even more rewarding than it was last year. I'm happy I started this thread so many of you could join me in this madness. I hope many of you found unexpected delight on days you might have taken off.


                              One of the reasons I wanted to do it again was because it really helps me focus. I needed that focus because I'll be running a goal marathon in just over a week. I'll be joining many families that are, like mine, living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We will be running for reasons much greater than our own personal ambitions. It's do to those reasons I always give it my all to honor those who, like my son, can't run. We're raising funds and awareness to help improve quality of life and to move closer to a cure. I'm attempting to blog a little about running and Duchenne at www.run4will.com. Hopefully I'll do a better job at that blog in the new year.


                              Again, thank you everyone who joined the streak. Please keep the reports and check-ins coming. We don't want to send a search party out for lost runners.

                                Awesome job, Chris.


                                By the way Princic changed his name to d.a.p. and finished the streak intact with 267 miles for December. He only gets 15 minutes of internet time per week so I figured I'd let you know.

                                Runners run.