Bulk Export GPS Data (Read 476 times)

    Hi Eric,

    I'm wondering if there is a way that I'm missing to export a bunch (or all) of my activities route data all at once.

    Or if not, if you could make a way. Or possibly add it to the standard backup options.




      This is currently not available but I can certainly add it.  At this point, I'm not sure how it should be done.  Should I include each file as a data node in the XML file, or as a raw file that's part of the zip file?  I don't know how resource intensive this will be.  That is, if you have hundreds of GPS imported entries, it may take quite some time to generate this file.  Depending on the complexity, it may not be even possible to do it at this point.


      eric :-)

        Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure what format would be best. My immediate interest is to be able to bulk import my runs into google earth and look at them there, so I guess anything that I can convert to kml would be great.

        It would be useful to have them linked to the activities somehow, too.