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    Is it possible to have real time posts so that you could respond back and forth with other members within minutes. I saw it on another site I belong to. Or is it a programming nightmare? "New Feature: Real Time!" We've added a new feature! Use Real Time to see new posts instantly without refreshing your browser. This should make having a genuine conversation. If you're a forum junkie like me, I think you'll quickly find it indispensable. Because this script puts an extra burden on the server, I've limited it to logged in users. Let me know if you like it or love it. http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/announcements/1181-new-feature-real-time#post7893 Dave
      Dave, That's pretty much a gimmick. You've posted enough in this forum to know that there is no delay. Everything is displayed in real time. The only difference is that it doesn't automatically refresh so you have to click the browser's refresh button to check if there are any new posts. The site you described has a script that automatically refreshes every 5 seconds, and that's where the extra burden comes in. The wording in the description was misleading, which was why everyone in its forums was confused. eric Smile