Equipment labeled as Run changes to Bike when editing (Read 151 times)


    There are quite a few posts (see one just yesterday from Morrows) where users can't select an equipment when making a run entry, and the answer given is that the equipment is labeled as bike instead of run.  


    The real problem, however, is that there is bug where when you edit an equipment labeled as run, the dropdown loads the label bike incorrectly instead of run.   If you edit the equipment, you can inadvertently save it as bike because you don't notice that it's now labeled as bike instead of run.   I have an equipment named "Water shoes #1" which was inactive since I stopped using it more than a year ago.    For some reason all my runs in 2010 where I used this equipment was showing as "No Equipment" (another bug because they were there before, but I don't know how to reproduce it nor I want to try to).   So I changed the equipment to active, but it still wasn't showing in the list of equipment.  I went to check and it was labeled as Bike.  Weird.  I changed it to Run and went to edit the workouts.   When done, I went to make the equipment inactive again, and I saw bike in the dropdown.   If I had not seen that, I would've marked it inactive and saved it and it would be saved as bike again.    The crazy thing is that it only does that for some of the equipment.  For instance, it does that for Water shoes #1, #2, and #4 but not for #3. 


    I think that this is what happened to all these people who posted here and had their equipment labeled as bike when they didn't even know that there was an option to select bike as an equipment. 


      Thank you for the bug report.  I was able to find and fix the problem.  The fix will be uploaded momentarily.