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Now that was a bath...

    Waiheke 12k race results are finally in. 21 days after the race! Field placement - 62nd out of 230 (27%) In my age group (male & female) - 4th out of 21 Gender placement -14th out of 132 lovely ladies I was the fastest female in my age group Big grin (there were 16 of us) to finish. Darn tooting proud of that. Amusingly I was joking with Coll (from the English couple that I met at the race) that the only people I counted were the women in my age group Tongue Just as well then Evil grin Lyn - if you read this you were third out of the 35-39 year old women. We could make a great team next year! Now, all I need is a happy leg and a happy bone and I can get back to the roads. Claire xxx
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      Damn...and you were wondering if you are a runner.... I think you have your answer! Big grin k

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            Sweet deal! Did you get a trophy for first female in your age group?

            You'll ruin your knees!

              Claire, Congrats on winning your age group! That is totally awesome! Top 25% in a race is excellent, I am always happy to find myself in the top 1/3rd (although it doesn't happen all that often). At least the official results help make the time off easier to deal with! Way to go! I was just thinking about you yesterday... Lynn B

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                Big grin Congrats!

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                  Cheers Claire! You proved you got what it takes!
                    nice job Claire! I am hoping for a speedy recovery for you so you can get back to being a runner (an impressive one at that!)!! Big grin


                      Holy smokes! I'm mightily impressed Smile Congratulations, and here's to a speedy recovery!
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                      Now that was a bath...

                        Thanks everyone. It really cheered me up because I have been a bit down about not being able to run this last couple of days. Eric - no trophy Cool It's a small race and the only places that get prizes are the first three men and women overall, plus the youngest (8 years old) the oldest (an 80 year old from Papatoetoe, my town) and the fattest (about 200lbs I think). I need to bump myself up 11 places and get 10 minutes faster to be in the top three women. All I can say is watch out Waiheke because I am one determined lady and if ten weeks of running got me here, a year more has to improve me. I am determined to win this race before I am forty. My husband was amazed when I told him that the first five people over the line were over forty and that three of them were over fifty. See, all I need to do is get older! Claire xxx
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                      • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.
                          you GO girl! congrats! Cool
                          Jennifer mm#1231
                            You are a speedy mc speedster! Cool
                            2009: BQ?
                              Way to go!!! Big grin


                                You are simply amazing. Congrats!