Some knee pain (Read 59 times)


    Ok about a month ago I developed some awkward knee pain when training for my first marathon, I tend to be one of those stubborn individuals who doesn't stop when I know I should.  However, I continued running out the rest of training for this day.  It was painful to move my knee correctly and by roughly 6-8 hours later I had full function in my knee again.  However, the pain originates to the right of my right knee cap, it can be kind of dull pain, I don't have any pain when setting down, bending my knees, going up and down stairs, this tends to flare up just when I run and it can bounce around when it flares up.  While the pain did resurface .2 miles into my marathon, it did not stop me from completing it.  The following week I completed a Spartan Race and the pain didn't show up until 3 miles into this race and that was probably because of the trails.  I have taken ~3 weeks off to allow this to possibly heal.  I am a flat foot runner which unfortunately could be part of the culprit, I have since gotten some orthotics to try and help this, however going to the doctor at this time is out of the question, I just wanted to see if anyone has had any issues with something similar to this.  I have to guess it's either ITBS or PFPS.

      I have dealt with ITBS plenty and I'm not totally sure with where the pain you are describing is but with ITBS it will be lateral (aka outside) part of the knee where it attaches to the tibia, slightly below the level of the patella. Basically, the outside bottom of the knee. When mine flares up really badly, it almost feels like I can't bend my knee, like literally the IT band is so swollen and thickened that my knee doesn't want to bend. I also have run a marathon with IT band pain. I think in maybe 3 of my 4 marathons so far it has flared up. I'm like you in that I really don't let things stop me from running.


      If it is ITBS, ice is going to be a good friend of yours. I would even recommend using ice cubes and doing an "ice massage" on the area. Just take the ice cube and do some circles in the area of the pain. Ibuprofen is also great, if you can take it. For the most part, you can deal with ITBS without seeing a doc. Just ice, ibuprofen, and rest. Let me know if I can help with anything.