Two HM's 6 Weeks Apart (Read 89 times)

    It may be a bit early to be thinking about this, but I was curious and wanted some input. I have a HM on Feb 17th which is a goal race that I'm using the Ryan Hall HM plan. Six weeks later I have another HM, which is not so much a goal, but I would like a good solid race for it also. I was wondering, how to approach "training" for the second one? Anyone experience this before? What are your thoughts?


    Little background; I'm 52 YO male, 5'8" and 157 lbs, running 4.5 years, completed 2 HM's in 2:08:30 and 2:01:20. I have a solid base of about 28-33 mpw, or 120+ per month. 10 mile LR's are becoming the norm, with 5-8 mile runs during the week. For those that see my log and wonder what happened in Aug and Sept, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and needed surgery. Some of my PR times are skewed also due to some injuries and a hernia surgery.


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      You definitely have a solid enough base to race 2 half marathons in 6 weeks. It could be a s simple as taking an easy week after the first one and then doing basically the last 5 weeks of your HM training all over again.


      I've raced HM's 3 weeks apart where the 2nd one was my goal race. 6 weeks is plenty of time.

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        You'll be fine, probably less than a week to be back to normal. Look at your recent workout where you did 10 long, then 9.5 interval two days later, then right back into your normal pattern. without missing a beat -- if you had run that 10 all out, you'd probably just need to delay that interval a few days to run it well. I'm your age and it's a matter of days, or maybe a week to recovery -- feeling fresh and sparkly mentally may take longer than getting over the soreness from the race effort.

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          Thanks for the input. I was kind of thinking to pick up somewhere in the middle of the plan, just wasn't sure where.