Severe ITB (Read 433 times)


    Hi I posted this a while in in April


    About 6 weeks ago when carrying a box up stairs I bought my knee up hard and the corner of the box dug into the top of my knee. It hurt a lot but I thought it would pass in minutes but as the day went on my top half of the leg started getting stiffer.

    It just happened to be my long run day so I thought it might help and losen it up anyway. So i did 18 miles that night but was in a lot of pain by the time I stopped. As well as the pain in the knee my itb flared up I assume by altering my gait as I ran.

    Any way here I am and the knee is still not right. I have stopped long runs but did attempt an 11 mile last week which went ok until I stopped then the knee area went really stiff but seems to clear up quickly until I try an run any distance again.

    Cycling seems to agree with it as I think it just gets blood pumping too the area.

    I have a 50 mile ultra booked in for 4 weeks time and at the moment I don't think it is going to happen. Any advice of tips on how to help this would be good.

    I havent bothered with the doctors because they will just tell me to stop running.

    The problem area is just above the patella



    and now I have this after the event any opinions welcome


    Just too follow up about 2 weeks prior too the run my knee made an all mighty crunching noise while I was watch tv and seemed to become pain free though I  avoided any long runs. No idea if the noise was just coincidence or not.

    So I ran and finished my ultra. I was amazed too get too mile 40 with no problem but the last 10 did hurt bad.

    My next mistake after the run was too not hardly move for a couple of weeks and now the itb on the same leg gives me hell after about 3 miles and 5 is my max.

    It starts just below the kneee and then works its way to my thigh area. A week of rest seems to have no affect. The pain goes with in minutes of stopping a run but is harsh enough too bring me too a stop.

    I did see a physio who has given me exercise for a weak glute but as for the injury it is the same 6 or more weeks later. Lucky I can cycle with no problem 30 to 40 miles and I can still manage 3 runs a week of 3 to 5 mile at least to keep me ticking over.

    I think this is going to take months too heal though