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    This is my first post on RunningAhead as I am a new member. I am 56 yrs. old and am trying to get back into running again. I currently walk 3 to 4 miles a day at a 14 to 15 minute per mile pace. During my time in the military and for several years after, I would run 18-20 minute three mile runs on a daily basis. I developed shin splints in time and wasn't able to stay injury free for any length of time and quit running. But I always missed it. I decided last year that I would try walking at a decent clip and try to slowly work my way back to running. I am at the point now where I need to walk fast for 2 miles before I feel like I'm getting warmed up. I have started jogging for short distances during my walk. So far, I have utilized a knee brace for a left knee strain and today my left heel is really sore but no major injuries yet. I really look forward to learning from you guys and continuing my progression.


      Welcome to the forums!  Blending walking and running is a great way to take up running.  One thing to remember is that with running you develop the fitness to run longer and faster more quickly than you develop your muscles and tendons to take the pounding.  In other words, be careful about too much too soon.


      If you are not using running shoes I recommend getting some.  Some here will say be sure to get fit by someone at a running specialty store.  I’m more in the camp of the shoe that is most comfortable is best.  (Running store analysis is just a tool to sell a more expensive shoe)


        Thanks for the advice and the welcome. I have been walking in asics and just bought a new pair of asics gt2000v5 about 2 weeks ago. You're right about the stress that running will put on my connective tissues. I'm feeling it now. Going to rest tomorrow and go easy for a few days after that. Maybe kick back and have a chocolate bunny! Have a Happy Easter.


          Walking is a gateway drug to running. Welcome!