My courses don't show when I click "view" (Read 229 times)


    I'm brand new to this site so there is probably an obvious answer...I'm just not finding it.


    I've plotted and saved my courses.  When I go to the page where I see my courses listed I click on the magnifying glass to "view" a course the site takes me to a seemingly random place on a map (nowhere near my course).  If I work my way on the map to where my course is, the course is not shown on the map.  I just want to see my saved course on the map.  Am I doing something wrong?


    Also, when I look at the information in my profile, my email address is listed but it says "unverified."  I haven't received any email from the site to verify my email address.  How does this affect my and my use of the site?


      I don't know if the problem still persists.  If it does, try to force a reload on the map page by pressing Ctrl-F5 if you're on a PC.  The most likely cause is your browser didn't load all the needed files to display the map properly.


      As for your unverified email, RA does not send emails by default.  Therefore, it has no need to verify your email address.  There are several instances where it does send out emails.  One of them is if you need to recover your forgotten password.  Another is if you want to subscribe to forum threads.  RA can send you emails when someone responds to your subscribed threads.  This is when you need to verify your email address.  Anyway, the unverified text is used as a reminder for people that have verified their address and then changed to a new address.  It does not affect your account whatsoever.


      eric Smile