¿Algún Madrileño? (Read 670 times)


    Que todo el mundo escribe en guiri y no me entero de nada. Seguro que hay madrileños del Norte, yo soy de Tres Cantos. Abrazos
      That everybody writes in tourist and I do not find out to me don't mention it. Surely which there is Madrilenian of the North, I am of Three Songs. That's what google translate says.



      Has been

        Don't trust Google translator. My Spanish is a bit rusty, but it is something like this: Everyone writes in English/American and I can't at all. I am sure there are people from Northern Madrid, I am from Tres Cantos (a region in Madrid) Bienvenidos, Dany!

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            donde esta el bano?
              http://www.runningahead.com/groups/esp "Solo en espanol" es un grupo para los que hablan el espanol... puedes buscar alli. Big grin

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