Is this a bug? (Read 603 times)

    This is a very minor thing, but it seems to consistently happen to me.... Mac OS 10.4.8 - Firefox This is in the new run entry screen when it entering intervals.... You enter a "Name" before entering the intervals and the scrollbar remains after you select..... So you select what the "Name" is and click on it to select one or type one in.... And then, when you select one, the scrollbar remains- there's no way to click it off. You can enter the intervals underneath the scrollbar, but it still remains....When you try to scroll the bar that's left over it screws up the area underneath....
      Here.. Here... I've had this same irritating problem. Same Os and browser also. Confused


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        Ditto. I wonder if we'd have these issues if we were to use OSX 10.5. Hmmm.
          Yes it is a bug, but I can't reproduce it in Firefox on Windows. I am hoping that's because i'm not doing it right to get the bug to appear. Would it be possible if you create a step by step instruction on how you did it (right down to where you click with the mouse). Thanks!
            same problem here, (firefox 2.0 on osx 10.3), but i had it in the "new shoe" section... I'm on a different computer right now though, so I can't seem to reproduce it.
              The shoe model and the interval name drop downs use the same control and thus will have the same problem. There are some incompatibility issues with the Mac. I like to fix them, but don't have a Mac. I can't currently justify buying one to fix them either. If anyone has one and is willing to donate it to me, drop me a note Big grin I'll gladly pay for the shipping (this only applies for the continental US).
                As far as the mouse clicking goes, there doesn't seem to be any way to get around the bug once the scrollbar comes up. Click on New Run Change Type to "Interval" so the Interval Entry box pops up Click on the Blue V arrow on the right of the box that has Whatever default name pops up Move the mouse over any interval name- the names turn blue as you move the mouse over them Click on an interval name It selects that interval name, but the list of names disappears and the scroll bar remains (See the middle picture) From here, you can enter in the interval details and create them (avoiding the bar that will stay over Max HR) If you scroll the bar, it shuffles the interval entry boxes around and screws it up (See the third picture) The only way to get rid of this is to click on the blue V again - the list of names come up (1st pic) and you start over again. ----- And yeah, it must be a mac thing- I tried it on Safari just for kicks, and next to the "Name" entry there is nothing - just a line - no scroll bar interface. So that kind of drop-down menu just seems to be the prob. And yeah, same deal for the shoe models Heheh I have a mac to give away, a lovely 1995 Performa model. I think the only browser you can run on that bad boy is some ancient netscape thing.... Big grin Thanks for the response Eric!
                  Thanks for the additional info. I'll look more into it.