Pace Calculation Error (Read 95 times)

    I don't know if this issue was introduced with the new update but maybe you could look into this for me.  I noticed that whenever I hit the lap button on my GPS (Forerunner 220) or when it autolaps, if I look at the pace graph and bring the number of points averaged down to '1' the pace drops to 0:00 per mile at every lap (for exactly one point).   Here's an example (the graph defaults to an average of 15 points):




    You can see the very clear 'changes' in pace.  This was a track race so I certainly didn't slow down and speed up like that.  It's an artifact of that mishandling of the 'trkseg' boundaries.  Grab the down average and click it down to 1 and watch what happens to the pace graph.


    Is this something that can be 'fixed' at RA or is it GC that's sending data incorrectly?


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      Wow... according to your GPS, that track is not very level at all... ;-)



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        No wonder I ran so shtty poorly on Saturday!  Had to get up that hill 4 times!


          Thanks for fixing this.