Another Runner's World log orphan... (Read 141 times)


    I only have the .txt file that I exported and not the .xml file.  Import wizard is asking for both.


    Runner's World site is closed now, so cannot re-export in .xml format.


    Tried to convert and rename the .txt file with a .xml extension...but did not work.


    Tried Explorer 11 and Chrome V43.  Running Win 7


    Wish I found this site sooner!  Runner's World directed me to Training Peaks.  Did not like it and hopefully will get a refund. The 'classic' version worked OK for me, but now they are discontinuing that version and migrating all to their new platform.



    eric :)

      Hi bnorton1224,

      Please send your file to support@runningahead.com and I'll import it for you.


      eric Smile


        Thank you so much!  File has been emailed.