National Run to Work Day (Read 1037 times)

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    It turns out that Fri, Feb 24 is National Run to Work Day.  I used to love running to work, and I'm glad they are encouraging people to give it a shot.  Two birds, One stone.  (And, yes, you can get squeaky clean with a sink, a bar of soap, and a washcloth).



    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

      Hmmm. I live just outside Boston and work in Hopkinton. Anyone tried that route?


        I'll be running Friday but not to work. I have scheduled for a PTO day!


          I used to run to work all the time. It's a minimum 3-mile run, but I'd usually do a bit more. This Fall, my DD started middle school, which is  aquarter mile away from my office. So I drive her in, park there, and walk in. I love our morning drive time together, but I'm also looking forward to the Summer and running in again.


          This Friday, huh? I might have to work something out with DW. Smile

            (And, yes, you can get squeaky clean with a sink, a bar of soap, and a washcloth).

            and what a treat that will be for the person who walks in on you with butt exposed and bar of soap in hand

            Doc, my tooth hurts

              what if you don't work fridays?Joking

                what if you don't work fridays?Joking


                you can still run _to_ work, and then turn around and run home.. You can't get out of it THAT easy! Roll eyes 


                  Ok I can do that. Does it matter I work from a home office?

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                    It's 18 miles from my house to work...I would have to get up wayyyyyyyyy to early to do that!! Maybe I will just run on my lunch break and do a "run around work" Big grin

                      This implies for a lot of us that it's also "Run Home from Work Day."

                      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                        I live about a marathon away from work & lots of hills inbetween.   Can I just run on my way to work at some local trails?  does that count??  fortunately we have a shower at work.




                          Stupid time of the year for this.


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                          I run. Therefore I am.

                            I live 30.86 miles from my work, AND no showers at work AND I'd have to run back home from work.  Good idea...in theory... Shocked

                            You don't need shoes to run anymore than you need a hat to think.

                              No problem, Friday I'm working from home.

                              Runners run.

                                I'm only about 2.5 miles from work but you have evidently never seen me after a run.  I need more than a sink and a bar of soap.  Plus there's the issues of getting my boys to school.  The older one cold run but I'd have to put the younger one on my back.  Smile