kidney pain by mile 2 (Read 100 times)

    Often when I'm running, by about mile 2 and thereafter, I get flank pain. It feels similar to a side stitch in the quality and severity, but the pain is localized to my (usually) right kidney/flank area.


    I've been checked for kidney stones. It's always turned up negative. So those are ruled out. I also stay pretty hydrated and usually hydrate up before runs.


    Has anyone else had this problem? What is it?


      Your quadratus lumboris (lumborus?) runs down that area, on each side of your spine.  You could have a knot or be straining that muscle because it's compensating due to poor core or hip stability, or something structural like leg length discrepancy or rotated pelvis.  That could cause discomfort on only one side as your body twists while running.  Try lying on your back and rolling over a tennis ball in that area.  If you hit what feels like a "knot", it may likely be muscular.  If you have searing pain, stop, obv.


      But keep bugging your doctor about it because it may still be cause for concern.  I'm assuming you've gotten a lot of blood work done and checked kidney function.

      Not running for my health, but in spite of it.

        Yes I've had so many different tests done over the last 15 years I can't remember them all. Suffice it to say my kidneys show to be in perfect health.

        My core is pretty weak


          it maybe a weak core muscles, maybe too hydrated, or bad breathing technique, or....