2nd 5K (Read 474 times)

    Nothing earth shatteirng here, but it was fun and it felt great!

    I ran my first 5K July 4th 2008, I had started running a few months before the event and clocked in around 31.38. I kept running and found it very enjoyable, actually I loved it. But, by the end of the summer I developed IT band issues and school and work got in the way, so I put the shoes away for the rest of the year. 

    Well long story short, I started training again about 2 months ago (barefoot this time), entered the July 4th race and ran an unshod 30:26. It was so much fun.

    I also wanted to say that this site is great, I love the tools and the community, I've learned a lot by lurking around the past few weeks, can't wait to get my training log up and running at full steam and getting more involved!

    Unshod... Unrestrained... Unrestricted.
      this site sure helped make me more consistent.  I make it a habit to enter my results here and I get cranky if I go 2 days without running simply because I start messing up my charts.  Low and behold 1 year after I started using the site my 5k time fell 5 minutes.  amazing how that works.

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        I'd love to see some time improvements, but consistancy is what I've heard should be my first goal. So, I've put together a little training program from info I've learned here and from a few books I've read this summer. It helps that my DW is a very encouraging supporter of my new fitness goals Smile.

        Plan to keep it slow, easy, and consistant and get my charts looking as good as yours over the next year.

        Unshod... Unrestrained... Unrestricted.