Summer Feet (Read 921 times)

    I have the same problem- my boyfriend tells me all the time that my feet are disgusting. I get blisters everywhere, and tons of black toenails, lost toenails, etc. I just paint over it and hope it doesn't look that ridiculous. But just a really quick word of warning on pedicures. If you have any type of open sore, blister, cut, etc, DO NOT GET A PEDICURE. I have a friend who had a severe infection from one, then turned in to cellulitis and she was in the hospital for 4 days. It spread up to her knee, her calf was so swollen and bruised. It took about 4 months for her calf/foot to be back to normal again. And she didn't go to a cheap place- it was for a wedding and she was at a spa at a fancy hotel in Boston. Where she watched them clean the tub and get new equipment before working on her. I personally will never get another pedicure because I saw her leg and was so horrified. But then again, I also never loved them- my feet are really ticklish and I always ended up kicking the girl a little. That's my public service announcement for the daySmile



        Just yesterday my boyfriend looked at my feet and said "Wow, your feet have gotten ugly." It's true, they have. Now, I never thought they were great before but they are much worse now. Last week my calluses turned black. I sport a new set of bruises every trail run and  different blisters every time I switch shoes(I rotate). Not really sure what to do about it as I never really cared too much in the past, but since they have gotten uglier maybe I should. That being said I broke out the Chacos and wore those instead of my regular Keen sandals today since the sun was out.