Don't Be That Awkward Runner (Read 1037 times)



    Ran across this in FB.  Maybe it's been posted here before.  Hope none of these guys are RAers.


    MTA:  Hey, since when can you just paste a linky in and have it become a linky?  New feature?

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

    No Talent Drips

      I just went through you tube hell...there is nothing good that comes of watching the suggested videos that follow. Feck.

       Dei Gratia


        Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

        I'm Betty if you're Al

          HA!  I just cried laughing in my cubicle. 

          Jeff you are totally the third runner, at least when any photo op's arise.

          "I would rather have high expectations and fail then have low expectations and succeed." DB

            So funny, so true. I course marshalled a marathon last month and saw all kinds of runners. The bleeding nipple guy, lady with the anal leakage, and many more awkward running forms. A fairly entertaining morning!