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    what does MAF stand for? i'm guessing maximum ... then i get lost. athletic? aerobic, anaerobic? i'm not a newbie, but alphabet soup can throw me for a curve. sometimes, i'm intuitive: once visited new friends at a mountain house of their family's and they had a log book people would write in about their visit. was my first visit there and i was thumbing through it. saw she'd written IGAT. i said, bet that means you got a tattoo. bingo. i had no previous knowledge of her tattoo. it was sort of a code message to herself.

      maximum aerobic function see the low heart rate training group if you want more info DB

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          As used here, I believe MAF stands for Maffetone, the guy who wrote the most successful book about low heart rate training. http://www.amazon.com/Maffetone-Method-Holistic-Low-Stress-Exceptional/dp/0071343318

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            Nevermind, db7 is correct. Tongue
              Thanks. I need to be checking that kind of stuff out. Now, I just run. But I need to train more efficiently.
                MAF? Thanks for asking as I wondered too. I am a cop and to me it means Male Assaults Female. Cry
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