Intervals - More Functionality (Read 44 times)

    I've been using my Garmin in Timer Mode for track intervals.  I love the current functionality with the intervals.  A couple of features I think would make the interval section a little nicer to use.


    - Being able to drag and drop intervals, rather than using the arrows to move an interval.

    - Being able to combine workouts on one entry.  If I start and stop timer mode, this comes in as two entries.  So I have to manually enter the first intervals, then move then move the first intervals the whole way to the top.  This can get cumbersome when you have splits: Example - 20x40 with 20 rest intervals.


    The thing that I think would be REALLY nice to have is to combine intervals -


    For instance if you are running 1600s and clicking off your 400 splits.  Being able to combine these four splits into one interval.  Right now I am manually adding up the splits and writing in my notes: (X:XX, X:XX) - X:XX for an 800.


    Maybe I am just doing this in a terrible way, not sure.  But Definitely think the last thing would be a great feature.