What's the longest run you've ever done (no walk breaks)? (Read 2826 times)

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    Longest with no walk breaks - 26.2 (3rd marathon)


    Longest with walk breaks - 26.2 (1st 2 marathons!)

     MANDY!!!!!! Long time no see!

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      18. I told my sister exactly when I was going to be passing by the house to toss me my water bottle and I would throw it back at her after my 3 mile recovery loop which is like the 10-13 area every long run. It was cool not even stopping to wipe off sweat and change my shirt, the day was going too well to stop moving.


        18 here too.

        San Francisco - 7/29/12

        Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

        Chicago - 10/7/12

        All business

          31.1 miles on Chicago's Lakefront.  I hope to surpass that next year.

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            Twenty-one minutes. Woo hoo! Go me!



            slinks off to find a new C25K podcast...

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              Twenty-one minutes. Woo hoo! Go me!



              slinks off to find a new C25K podcast...


              Great job!  I had the hardest time getting past 20 minutes.  21 was quite a milestone for me!  Just so you know what's possible - this morning I ran 7 miles (hour, 20 minutes) non-stop.  Quite something for a former couch potato.  Then I did another 2.1 with a couple of breaks.  I signed up for a HM two months from today, thanks to John A's encouragement.  It will be my second one.


                I can't seem to get through a half without walking, but last October on a training run I went 14.25 in 1:54:08 without stopping, so my first goal is to finish a half without walking.  The last 2 halfs that I have ran I had severe calf cramps.  Oh well, running keeps me sane.

                The King of Beasts

                  with no walking or stopping 33.6 miles by myself.


                  with lots of walking and only one stop 100 miles.

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                    marathon- without stopping or walking

                    100K (62M) with some walking and gear-change stop

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                      What if I have to, you know... go...  Although I can manage it, I really don't like peeing on the run.  And don't get me started on pooping while running.

                       I'll second the question by srlopez: If one has to stop to pee, does that count as "walking" (even though you're stopped)?

                      That being said:

                      Longest run with no stops to pee or drink or anything at all:                     marathon, 26 miles 385 yards.

                      Longest run with stops to pee and get a drink of water/sportsdrink:        100K

                      Longest "training" run with stops to use the bathroom and drink fluids:  41 miles

                      Longest recent (age 71) run with no stops for anything at all:                   half marathon

                      One day at a time

                        Wow, Gino, that's awesome.

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                          What a cool singlet in your avatar, H Street Smile

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                            31.1 miles on Chicago's Lakefront.  I hope to surpass that next year.


                            Me too!  Well, actually I'm not sure.  I ran somewhere between 28 and 31 without stopping on Chicago's lakefront about 11 years ago.  The longest accurately measured course was 28 miles as a Sophomore in high school (which was really dumb).

                            Beginner all over again

                              What's the longest run you've ever done (no walk breaks)?  but I know a lot of you........ would laugh at that effort.................


                              No laughing here.

                              My longest run is 90 seconds.



                              But ask me again this time next year


                              Congrats on your Longest Run !

                              That's great progress!

                              Thanks for posting it for all to see.  It's very encouraging to beginners! 


                                But ask me again this time next year 

                                Props to you for your dedication! It's great to see more and more people starting up running and pushing themselves. Good luck with your training and that half next year Smile