Roll call. Who's NOT injured on here? (Read 1150 times)

    No injuries in quite a while. My past injuries (ITB, achilles, whatever) were generally the result of adding a new element (eg, adding too many sprints, marked increase in mileage, etc) to my training and jumping into it without building up to it (being overly ambitious without due care). But then, I'm an old guy and I have learned I can't train at the same intensity I did when I was younger without running the risk of injury. Cry
    My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48

      knock, knock, knock Is it too late?

      My dogs are fast, not me

        Not me! (knocks on wood while eyeing icy Memphis roads....) Robin


          Me Big grin *knock on wood* Actually feeling pretty good!

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            None for me thanks. As for knocking on wood.....I don't believe in tree spirits. Evil grin But I am afraid of the running spirits. Hopefully they do not go come to RA.
              Old and sore, but not injured
              Age is not an illusion

              12 Monkeys

                my first 60 mile week in 7 years.
                You make me sick. Why are you so fast on so few miles? Sick is better than injured tho -
                  Great post!! Love it!! Count me in for injury free & happy! (knock knock) Big grin Modified to add- Ok, I lied. Minus my middle rt toes that we're trying to figure out. Otherwise, all parts working!
                    {cautiously waits until completing todays run Wink } Still building base mileage @ 70% heart rate. The faster stuff can wait until Spring arrives.* All is well so far Smile *Loads of snowdrops out now so hopefully Spring is only round the corner (knocks on wood as seems a little early yet).


                    3000 miles

                    Sub 19:00 for 5K  05-03-13 Clee Prom 5K - 19:00:66 that was bloody close!

                    Sub-40:00 for 10K 17-03-13 Gainsborough 10K - 39:43

                    Sub 88:00 for HM



                      That said ... I wonder which one of us will be hurt first? Posting here makes me want to knock on wood.
                      I'm not the superstitious type, but it does seem like everytime I think to myself "wow, I'm feeling really good these days!" I either get sick or injured. But, what the hell... I feel great! Now if we could just get some sunshine to break up these cloudy days... Cool

                      You'll ruin your knees!

                        Not injured, not doing enough to BE injured! Maybe I'll just go to races and not run in between... Undecided Pacing a friend in her first attempt at 100 miles this weekend, will likely do 20-40 with her. Other than that...wait, what was I saying? Dang, why did I come in here?

                        ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

                          Not injured over here! Haven't been for awhile, either. Well besides blisters and black toes, but I don't remember the last time I didn't have those. Tongue

                            Not injured, but... I have been sick since monday and haven't been able to run. That was good news for my legs because they did need some rest. After a really long rung last sunday I felt that I had to be really careful or in injury would not be far away. I think I will start running again tomorrow. But I will take care. I don't want to forfeit my membership of this thread. Smile bas

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                              Not injured but the below freezing air temps makes me wish I was. Then I would have a better excuse for running on the dreadmill.

                              ON THE 7th DAY, GOD DID AN EASY 6 "Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'" - Peter Maher

                                You make me sick. Why are you so fast on so few miles? Sick is better than injured tho -
                                Genes. Growing up in the woods like a dirty hippie with miles of trails and creeks to explore and no TV. A competitive temperament. And 60-80 miles per week w/serious intensity (and multiple injuries, some of which still whisper to me) between the ages of 16 and 22... Hard work will take you a ways, but for better or for worse, our bodies determine to a great extent the starting point. I would make a shitty sumo wrester. No matter how much I ate or how much I lifted. The great thing about running, though, is that it is more about care for the self than the pursuit of the absolute limit of human possibility. It's an embodied practice, not a transcendental pursuit of velocity. Injuries, of course, are reminders of this.