Several 5k's done, am I ready to move on to a Tri or 10k? (Read 1496 times)

    I would say that you should go for it! I started running in October of last year with the C2K program and once I was able to finish a 5k I moved on to the 8k training for an 8k race. After that I did the sprint tri training and completed a sprint tri over the summer. Now I have moved on to the half training. For me, I need a program with a training schedule to keep me motivated. I am a slow runner, but speed is not my main focus.
    I am the same way - I just want to finish and finish strongly - speed is not a goal at this point. Esparza, are you looking to finish or do you have specific times in mind? That might affect the direction that you move in your training.







    Gotta TRI

      Future races or tri's are totally up to you. Yes, there is training to consider, don't get me wrong but it's also up to what you feel comfortable doing or trying. I started running one year ago. I quit smoking and started running Aug.20th 2007. In that time I have run 1 5k, 2 half marathons, a sprint tri, an olympic tri, 1 10k, and a 70.3 half iron tri. I felt I wanted to try an assortment of races and see what felt right and such. I didn't always finish where I wanted to, but really had no expectations going in. My first half marathon was lousy but I came back in 3 months and kicked it in my second. The sprint was awesome but I didn't fare as well in the olympic. I loved the 70.3 even though I struggled some with the run. I've had an absolute blast this summer and am already planning next season. Yes I need to train more, but a good mind set will do you wonders as well. Just my humble opinion.
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        Hey Esparza/Melissa, my family is running the Turkey Trot this year too! That is a fun event. Where do you go to nursing school if I may ask? In terms of moving on, I'd say definitely! Having goals to push your personal limits is one of the things that helps me enjoy and stick to running. Now if I could just get over this stupid runner's knee.... If you're going to shoot for a half-marathon next year, I'd recommend the Whistlestop in Ashland. It is a well-run race, flat and beautiful course with a beer tasting party afterwards!