Anyone doing the Cleveland Marathon (Read 567 times)

    I haven't seen a post about the Cleveland Marathon that is this weekend on May 20th. This will be my first 1/2 and I was wondering about the course. Is there many hills. I am excited about doing this but also a little nervous. I haven't been able to do a long run in two weeks because of a strained tendon on my foot. I am looking forward to just finishing. Chris

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      It looks pretty flat to me for the most part. Elevation (at least for the full Maraton) looks like it is from 580 to 750 maybe. Looks like you have a big hill early you go down a big hill from mile 0-1 and then up a big hill from 1-2. Then it is smooth for a while and then up another big hill around mile 10. It looks steep but not very long. Hopefully someone who has run it though can give you more details. The website has an elevation chart: http://www.clevelandmarathon.com/race_info/marathon.html#
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        I wish I had seen this post before.. though I couldn't answer any questions as I'm from Maryland and I made this one my first half too! (lol)


        There was at least one hill I took a picture of as I was walking up it and I intend to caption "Flat and fast my ass" if/when I blog it/do a race report.  lol


        And while I know I'm slow compared to most folks... I did finish!  (and plus I'm still working on the weight loss... -59 lbs so far with another 40 some I'd like to lose)


        Finished in 2:48:35 ! Smile