Plan to hit 2:35 in 2013. Any ideas? (Read 651 times)

Gotta Flee Em All

    Yeah... going from a 6:27 pace to 5:55 pace in a year - that would be difficult, I would think!  I have spent a few years unsuccessfully trying to get from 2:51 to 2:50!


    I hear the Hansons have a new program. Maybe that would help?


      I hear the Hansons have a new program. Maybe that would help?


      I haven't heard much about that. Has anyone tried doing Hansons for their full Marys?

      Runners run.


      Jess runs for bacon

        I needed a chuckle this morning, thanks Smile




        Letting off steam

          You just have to choose the right race... and then choose the parts you'll be on course.





            Half or full marathon?

              Jeff, love your blog, by the way. I've found a few good points in it to take with me, even though  I haven't read all of it yet.


              Hey, thanks!


                For those who haven't read. Great New Yorker article on the good dentist.


                Wow. Great read. I remember reading an article on cheating in "marathon & beyond". Don't recall if this cheater was mentioned.


                But as soon as the author mentioned that this dentist was involved with Amway, it didn't surprise me. (Yes, I have something against MLMs).

                  If  I was fitter and younger I could improve that much. I would use my shoe as a baton and run a relay with 4  friends.EmbarrassedBig grin

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