Add an additional 'Notes' entry - useful when at Calendar view (Read 1668 times)

    Hope you don't mind my two cents worth here.   


    I've been using the 'Health Note' section to record my weight which occurs every Monday morning.   In the calendar view, to me, it's a useful bit of information when coupled with the km's I'm running.   What I think could also be created at this same level is the addition of a new category, call it 'General Notes' - give it a different icon to distinguish it from the Health Note.  


    How I would use this new category (General Note) is to record anything but most likely goals, expectations or reasons why not running (work committments etc).   Viewing this information at the Calendar view would be most useful.


    I mentioned goals as a likely source of information that would/could be recorded but what I'm suggesting here is more a textual input, same as how the Health note is entered.   As a workaround I could use the Health Note to achieve this but it would also have the Health Note icon showing in the calendar view which I'd prefer not to have.


    Anyway, some food for thought.

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      Hi Steven,


      Have you tried the Event Entry immediately above the Health Note


      I think it might be used in the way you mention, as a `General Note`. 


      An event's subject is displayed in the calendar and the notes appear during a mouse-over. 


      So one could create an Event Entry with a subject "Worked Late" or "Insane Snow" (which would be displayed in the calendar view) and add more detail via a note that would explain more when you hovered over the 'event' (e.g. "Traffic was awful due to insane amount of snow so I decided to work late and there wasn't a treadmill so I ate 97 jelly beans instead of running because I also missed dinner").


      MTA:  The Event Entry is without icon so it looks different than the Health Note as well. 

        Thanks bdub, that appears to have solved my little issue.


        Already entered a general note for 31/12/2010, couldn't run or more precisely didn't run because it is TOO HOT, touching the 40 degree mark.

        My Marathons and another interest Sports Photography