The Future of RunningAHEAD (Read 8024 times)

    Eric -


    Best of luck with this -- we're on your side.  This is the best running site I've ever seen.  I think it will do great and hope it gives you the living you deserve.


    Some sites allow "opt out" of ads with subscription.  It might be worth considering.  

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

      This is one of my favorite websites.  I love all that you have done and look forward to helping you as much as you have helped me over the years.

      Good luck!

        Good luck and we're with you!!!!  Let's make this happen.

          You've got my support either way.


          Bring on the ads.  I'll even click on them.


          All the best to you during this time of transition.




          Thanks so much Eric for such a great tool!! Love, love, love RA!!! Love that it brings together athletes from all over the world--you've created something really cool and, as a former tech writer, really appreciate how easy RA is to use!!

          sayo nachi

          sayo nachi

            yes, go for the ads..that will make this site strong with suppot..wish u well on your plans and congrats to your wedding plans!

            endurance first before speed

              I like your honesty and your website!  Thanks!

              Running safely

                Congratulations on the new bride and the new job.


                I don't mind ads. I love RA and want to see it continue.


                  RunningAHEAD literally keep me going for that extra mile. Thanks for everything you do! I wish you the best of luck with everything, and above all else HAPPY RUNNING Smile


                  Team Effort



                    Best wishes on your pending marriage and thanks for all you have done to make this website as good and user friendly as it is. As a small business man myself I can tell you it is not always easy but the rewards by far outweigh the negatives.





                    Man in Tights

                      I wish you all success and I shall certainly support your efforts. Keep running



                        Eric - thanks for all your hard work and dedication - RA has been my companion through going back to school and training for an Ironman at the same time (oh, and also while going through a job change myself!). Can't wait to see what you do next - I'll be here to support it.


                        p.s. maybe an app for the iphone?????


                        not bad for mile 25

                          Are you beginning to get the idea that you have built up a lot of loyalty here? Smile  I'd say your prospects of making this site a successful career are great!


                            Put up ads! I'll click. Just don't close the site!

                              looking forward to seeing new ideas manifested on an already great website. have fun at your wedding, and good luck on the new business venture.


                                Eric thanks for providing this fab site- it's helped so many people.  Sorry to hear about you losing your job, but it's great you can devote your full time to doing what you love.  Don't worry about using ads, and leave the donate button in, you have to make a living, it's obvious you aren't trying to cash in or you would have charged us long ago!!  All the best for your upcoming wedding- Jay x