Runners World Log upload (Read 105 times)


    Sorry if this has been covered - I couldn't find anything.  When runners world terminated their classic log, I uploaded a copy of my log to my computer but would like to upload it to running ahead; however, the files RA says it needs are not the files I have in my zip file.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Just finished chemo and am busting my butt to get back to running regularly and I'm admittedly obsessive about keeping track of my stats :-)  Thanks!

      Hi Areetha,

      Please send all your data files to support@runningahead.com and I'll import them for you.


      eric Smile


        Will do! Thanks!


          I've uploaded my files from Runnersweb.trainiglog (dutch version). But it has been uploaden twice. How can i delete one of them?

            Hi ejhoogendoorn,

            The log contains an element that the importer does not recognize.  Please send me the files so I can take a look.


            eric Smile