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    I just upgraded to a Garmin 610 from a 305.  My first few runs, I was able to upload my workouts to both Garmin Connect and my runnignahead log without any problems.  The past couple of days, I haven't been able to upload anything.  On both runningahead and Garmin Connect, whenever I try to upload my workouts it will tell me there is no new data.  The runs are showing up in my watch history, so I can't figure out what's wrong.

      The 610 uses the Ant Agent to download the data, which then talks to RunningAHEAD and Garmin Connect.  The Ant Agent gets wonky some times and will report there are no new workouts.  You need to unpair your GPS, reboot, then pair it again, which should fix the problem.

        I use a 610 and quickly figured out that I shouldn't bother to upload data to RA until it's uploaded via Garmin's ANT. Here's the weird thing. I use a MacBook with two USB ports and the ANT never works with the back USB port but always with the front one. I don't know why. Both ports work fine with everything else. This isn't a RA problem, rather an issue with my computer and the Garmin ANT agent.

          The Garmins are very sensitive to USB noise, which is why one port may work better than another.

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            the 610's poling upload is annoying sometimes.  I have the above issue frequently.  My remedy is often to unplug the USB, then plug again.  Sometimes a couple of times.  If this doesn't work, I start the timer on the 610 and save another "empty" workout.  Then unplug and plug the USB again.


            I don't have it down to a specific sequence of events, but this usually does it.


            I'd rather the Ant agent just had a "scan 610 for more updates" button, rather than relying on the blackbox of poling they currently do.

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