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    Thank you for the support everyone. My doctor told me the knee discomfort I was experiencing was unlikely to be related to my meniscus surgery years ago. He said it seemed like an overuse injury. He also told me that I shouldn’t run at all due to my weight (currently 274lbs). I’m down 14lbs since March. I told him I’m definitely going to run again but I am going to slow down just a bit and try to drop some more weight. Went out for a brisk two-mile walk today and the knee is already feeling a lot better.

      I have a neighbor who went from about 290 to 210 in one year with only walking as an exercise. He's late 50's. So it can be done. Best of luck on your journey. You can do it. You've already made great progress.


      I'm 52 and weigh between 200 and 240 on any given year. Jogging has been OK but I can share that I did have a problem with patella femoral pain syndrome (aka runners knee). It took me years to figure out that I just didn't do the right strengthening exercises for my legs and my knee caps weren't tracking right. Eventually when you are running you'll want to supplement with core work and leg work.





        Maybe try "racewalking" or at least an imitation of it. Probably a good way to work some weight off without the impact on the knees. Throw in a run once in a while, too.

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          If you have MAT therapist anywhere near you, my HIGH recommendation is get a consultation.  Layman's explanation is they work to get the smaller muscles to wake up and do what they're supposed to do and support the larger muscles.  The knee pain may very well be because the larger muscles have exhausted themselves trying to do all the work.


          I've had great success with MAT therapy of the years, and every person I've referred to the therapy has had success.  It's worth a shot if you can find a therapist.

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            Hey, I'm in my 20s and had a similar experience with knee pain after taking up running for the first time. I was overdoing it and not giving my muscles time to recover, I also wasn't eating the correct nutrients. I now only run twice a week and I make sure that I'm eating well and also doing everything I can to recover my muscles from yoga to an epsom salt bath which is amazing! I've been using a brand called WholyMe because they infuse the salts with arnica.