Ghost Runner - first king of the bandits?? (Read 475 times)

    Not sure if this book will be available in America but it looks like it will be a good one. A true story about a real underdog and working class hero who took on the authorities and became the Rambo of UK distance running.




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      I was running with my brother in law who had just finished this book.  He gave me a 30 minute summary of the book.  It is really an amazing story.

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        [quote]In the 1960s world records would come at 40 miles and then 100 miles (over 12 non-stop hours around a track).[/quote]


        12hrs circling a 400m track? World record for monotony endurance.

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          one word.  "WOW"


          "How many lesser athletes who have followed him with their sponsorship deals and their "supplements" would merit even this simple accolade? How many – when outlawed by their sport – would run 5,000 miles a year without one penny paid into their trust funds?"

            I read the book at the end of last year and found it really interesting and inspiring.  John Tarrant was definitely a person with a story to tell, and it's really good that it's now being told to more people.  His personality, background and determination are also something to think about and it is an amazing story (as said above).  The book is worth a read (it seems to be stocked on the US amazon site both in Kindle and paperback formats), so I'd second the recommendation. 

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