How do you organize your gear? (Read 195 times)

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    I'm looking for a way to get organized.  I currently have a big stack on top of a bookshelf (out of dogs reach) with all of my running gear.  Headphones, foam roller, lights, bottles, arm band, camelbak, visors, etc  I want to get it out of eyesight and not piled, but have it all be accessible because it's getting used so often.  Wouldn't even be bad to mix in my shoes with the mess.


    Any advice?  How do you store/organize your gear?


    PS.  As I was writing this, I was thinking about a big old chest I have that might work.  Maybe if I build a few compartments into it.  It doesn't look bad so it could stay in the living room.  It closes and is solid so the dogs cant get in.  It's easy access and would keep everything out of sight.

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      Once you have been running long enough, entropy will have it distributed in an even layer across every surface in your house.


      But seriously, most of my clothes are organized in an old upright Ikea thing that has a ~18 inch hanger bar with 4 sliding basket drawers underneath.  So clothes are organized in the drawers, wet stuff hung up in there to dry out.


      Other running gear is kind of wherever there is a spot that is convenient.  Shoes are pretty much everywhere. Big grin

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        I have a wire shoe rack that doubles as a medal display case


        I have a basket under that for most of the rest of the crap.

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          But seriously, most of my clothes are organized in an old upright Ikea thing that has a ~18 inch hanger bar with 4 sliding basket drawers underneath.  So clothes are organized in the drawers, wet stuff hung up in there to dry out.


          Other running gear is kind of wherever there is a spot that is convenient.  Shoes are pretty much everywhere. Big grin


          I didn't think about organizing clothes as well.  I currently hang up wet clothes somewhere in the bathroom, but it would be nice to have a place to put them out of the way.   Don't really want a new piece of furniture, but something like that might be nice if everything else had a home in there as well.


          Still maybe the trunk will do, only without the hangar for wet clothes.

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            My running clothes (shirts, shorts, socks, bandanas) and gear (watches, gps, camelback) are in a cabinet with two shelves over the clothes washer in the laundry room.  Running shoes stacked between the washer and dryer.  Sports drink in the refrigerator.  Oh, and extra race bib safety pins in the car...

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              I have a shelf in my closet where I stuff all my clean clothes and a shoe hanger thingamy which my husband has now stolen half of as he thinks I have too many pairs of running shoes. Bah cyclists! Oh, and a small basket in with my clothes which has body glide, headbands, shoelaces, gu etc.


              I have a cool dresser in the hall where I keep all the incidentals I need, like earphones, keys, glasses. My Stick hides under the sofa.


              This means that I wander around the house from place to place to find everything, but it almost feels organised despite that.

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                Do you live near a Container Store?  I bet you'd find all kinds of things to help you outfit that trunk.


                For stuff I use just about every day, I've created a little "nook" in my living room:

                (I'm dangerous now that I know how to post pictures).


                The gear I don't use so often (off-season stuff like sunglasses) are upstairs on a bookshelf.  Hats, visor, arm warmers, and jackets are treated like clothes - in a drawer, closet, or coat rack when not in a pile waiting to be folded.

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                  I've got a special drawer that shorts and off-season apparel go in.  Shirts are hung in the closet with the other shirts, hats are on the shelf with the other hats.  Most of my accessories, electronic or no, stay in the duffel bag I take to work when I'm running right after.  Gloves stay in that bag, too.

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                    Thanks for the ideas!  I was kind of thinking of one space as opposed to splitting it up, but it definitely makes sense to relegate off season or less used stuff to a different corner.  Kind of like what Julia has, but more like a hidden pile.  If my house was that neat, my friends would think I had been body snatched!  Even a duffel bag would work, but I generally just start from near home so a more permanent fixture will work.  And I wouldn't might hanging a few things up on racks, but I just don't have the room.


                    Going to try out a trunk for the non-clothes stuff.  The one I have is uglier than I remember, so I will be looking for something new.  Might even look for an ottoman with storage that can also hide the running cache.  My place is small so when something can do double duty it's a bonus.

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                      Things that get washed regularly - compression shorts, tights, shirts, thermal tops, socks - are in an under-bed storage bin. Jacket, Garmin, Yaktrax, hat, crappy old eyeglass with croakies that I only wear for running, gloves, flashlight, water belt, extra chomps and gu, shoes are all in another bin near the door.

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                        I have a 2 drawer plastic bin thing. You can buy stackable units at Walmart or the like and make it as high or low, big or thin drawers as you want. My kids have them for Legos. I have one for my workout gear.


                        Like this:




                          Stacks on the closet shelves of:

                          LS tech tees

                          SS tech tees

                          LS cotton tees

                          SS cotton tees




                          Running bras are in the drawer with the other bras.


                          Jacket, reflective vest, hydration belt are hanging on pegs on the inside of the coat closet door in the front hall. Camelback is hanging inside that closet. Running shoes are on the floor of the same closet.


                          Water bottle lives in the freezer, filled and ready to go.


                          Blinky light is clipped to the reflective vest. Cell phone is in my purse most of the time.


                          If you're wondering where the tights are....it's been years since I wore them but I think they're behind the shorts.

                            Main problem for me is shoes ... well it's not specifically a problem for me, but my wife objects to the proliferation of shoes and hence it becomes my problem.


                            I do have too many pairs... but that's because some pairs I've bought I don't especially like to run it. But I might want to use them at some point - so I don't chuck them out.

                              I also use stackable drawers for most of clothes - underwear in small drawer, socks in next size, main drawers have top base layers, top insulation, bottom base and heavier. Shells and jackets are in another container. A narrower set of drawers has heavier socks, hats, mittens, first aid, lights / batteries, misc in their respective drawers. Water bottles accumulate in cardboard box. Waist belt stays in car or hangs from bedroom door knob. Hydration packs in current use are either in bedroom or utility room; others are in garage. Bladders are in kitchen. Traction devices (ice joggers, microspikes, snowshoes) are in car so I can chose when I get to trailhead. The microspikes are under front seat so I can just put them on. Most trail food is in garage. Shoes are on a rack or in bathroom (warmest room for drying) or scattered somewhere. GPS's, hrm's, and cameras are above my desk in smaller stackable drawers. (some of this is for trail work)


                              I used to feel like I had a lot of gear - until I went to a friend's house who is an ultra runner who does the long winter ultras. She collects sleds and tons of winter gear.

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                                I guess I don't have as much running gear as a lot of people. I have one drawer for my running clothes, a jacket and a vest hanging on the hooks by the back door, a couple pairs of running shoes on the mat by the back door, and a basket with some hats and gloves in it inside the bench where we keep the kids boots and hats by the back door. The rest of my running shoes that aren't in the regular rotation (like racing flats etc.,) are at the bottom of my closet with all my other shoes.

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