USATF coaching courses (Read 141 times)


    Don't know where to ask this, so I posted it here.


    I just registered for the Level 1 coaching course that USATF offers.  There's one near me end of March.


    Has anyone taken this course?  I remember reading a lot of negative comments in the past, about it being a waste of time, but seem to recall some people saying recently (can't find a thread, maybe it was another forum) that there was an updated version of the course and that it is now better.


    I'm really hoping I will learn some useful stuff, but I'm planning to sit through it either way, to get the certification.  And it was not terribly expensive (the price of a pair of shoes, basically).  I already coach a team (and have for a few years now) and also individuals 1 on 1, but I figured this would make me more more legit, on paper at least.  


    Thoughts on what to expect? 

    HTFU?  Why not!

    USATF Coach