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    Hey Y'all-- Thanks for your kind words and support regarding my mom's breast cancer diagnosis. The update is that she's scheduled for a lumpectomy on Friday. At the same time they'll do a biopsy of her lymph nodes to make sure the cancer hasn't spread, but her surgeon seems to think the cancer is limited in scope. And that is my dearest hope this week! My mom has sworn the whole family to secrecy...she's a very private person....so it's nice I can at least get support here. My sister, who lives near my folks, will be with mom during the operation on Friday and I'm sure she'll call as soon as we get the word from the doc. Breast cancer was the one health problem I always felt sure I wouldn't have to worry about, since no one in either side of my family has ever had it (unlike the multitudes with high blood pressure, heart problems, etc)--so much for that sense of security! Sad Anyway, all looks okay so far...thanks for your thoughts! Kirsten--any update on your dad? Carol

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      Carol, I will be thinking of your family and your mom on Friday--I hope the cancer is small and cofined. Sounds like it was discovered early, which is great. My dad is doing wonderfully--thanks so much for checking on him. Smile He was discharged this afternoon and is doing about as well as possible. The doctors think he didn't have a true stroke, either, but that there was a limited flow to one half of his brain from a dangerously blocked artery. Now that it's clear he should be in good shape for a long time to come--it's lucky he had the symptoms he did and got care right away. An actual stroke would have been very bad. Now the battle is for him to get off the smokes for good. He's otherwise in pretty good health for a guy who has smoked so heavily for so long. I hope my dad's good luck is contagious and that your mom catches it this week, too! Big grin k

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        Glad to hear both situations are trending positive... Oh, and Carol, tell your mom we won't tell anybody! You guys take care! Lynn B

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          C & K, glad to hear that both of your respective parents seem to be doing better. Smile

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            Our family just went through this with my Mom. I wrote something about it during the marathon training last year in a weekly article, which you can read here: Pink will show support for Mom It's tough, but it sounds like you have plenty of support which there never can be enough! Keep her smiling!

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              I'll be keeping everything crossed that it's good news at the biopsy. Positive thoughts for all the parents! Claire xxx
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                Carol and Kirsten - sending positive vibes your way - Smile

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