Races vs. Time Trials (Read 1215 times)

    70 and it's banked like a toilet bowel with a mondo surface.


    I thought I was looking at the picture sideways and that it was like a hamster wheel.... my bad.

    2017 Goals:

    #1: Do what I can do (200+ training days, 200+ aerobic hours). 

    #2: Race shape (1/2 marathon, 2 half Ironmans, marathon)

    #3: Prepare for 2018


      Well, based on my 6 mile tempo run from a few weeks ago where I averaged 7:08, I thought I would go for 7:15 pace for my half (1:35) but after today I'm thinking that's a bit optimistic. Although maybe the weather did have more of an affect than I realize.  That and my 37 mile weekend (also training for an ultra).


      I thought a 10K was a good distance for a test race before a half. What would you have done, a 5K, 8K?


      You shouldn't have a problem with a 1:35. You've got the mileage. If your easy miles are in the low 8:20 area, you might really bust one out, and suprise yourself. with a sub 7. The key is rest up before the race, and make every step count.