RA Thread of the Year & Hall of Fame - Nominations (Read 510 times)

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    ...It will take 4 weeks and 64 seperate polling threads beginning in December. You won't miss it because I'll keep myself busy bumping each poll hourly.


    That's the spirit.

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      I'm just sad I wasn't nominated!  Perhaps all of my "good works" (few as they were) appeared on RWOL, vice RA.


      We're not nominating people, just threads.


      So, start a thread and nominate it. We need at least 64 by December. We'll put you head to head with The time Redbird got a ticket for trespassing while running in jeans in the first round.

        Okay, was it sportjester who had the thread about how his research showed that  running like on ostrich or some shit was the best way to run?   That was a quality thread.


        Yup! An early nominee for the HOF, The time sport jester trolled RA by posting a photo of caveman footprints.


          This is for the Hall of Fame now, not just 2013?


          Then I have the worst best thread ever.



            Here's a overall HOF nomination for...


            What is your finish face look like


            (gingrish title is part of the nomination)


            Riggs 2.0's picture alone deserves its own award.


            Quote from Riggs 2.0 on 5/20/2009 at 1:53 PM:

            This is my best finishing photo. I have the look of gritting my teeth through pain and determination. (I was still getting over the stomach flu.) The other guy looks like he is having a stroke. 





            L Train

              Now I understand dump loop.  




                Well these were pretty entertaining:


                RunningAhead Refugees

                Dick hurt in the cold morning

                  My leg won't stop mooing.


                  i think i've got a calf injury.

                    Getting a Boner mid-run


                    Hey, that's too much information Buddy..


                    PS. Does that coincide with "women's headlights turning on in the colder weather"?  (Thread hasn't been started yet, but sure sounds like a thread that would have promising potential?)

                    The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞



                      Hey, that's too much information Buddy....


                      it's a thread title from 2008, Buddy...

                      My leg won't stop mooing.


                      i think i've got a calf injury.

                        Excellent work.  Bravo.  I have nothing more to add.

                        "Good-looking people have no spine. Their art never lasts. They get the girls, but we're smarter." - Lester Bangs

                          I think memory lane is a fabulous place for a stroll, especially perusing the true classics of RA literature.


                          I strolled a bit...some threads are not nearly as noteworthy as I remember them...ie - Long Run Nicks "gift" to RA thread then Jeff's peace offering dinner table thread; in my mind Jeff punched Nick in the face then had to apologize but that really didn't happen at all did it?! But yeah, the secret to running fast thread is better than I remember it - it has both snark and some nice running philosophy going for it...


                            I just read the entire 'Dear Newcomers' thread. Fun times. Now I want pie.

                              The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞

                              an amazing likeness


                                I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)