Time crunching, am I defeating the purpose? (Read 200 times)


    In a nutshell, I have to choose my activities wisely due to time constraints.  My favorite non running high intensity is a TRX/plyometric class that is not just a killer, but fun!   10 TRX stations, 10 plyometric or weight/cardio stations,   hit each station twice.  1 minute on, 30 seconds off Saturday Morning

    I used to warm up for 10 minutes on the treadmill prior as its all out from the get go but recenty I have been using that time to get in some easy miles  that I'd otherwise miss.  , I've found that I can do 60-75 minutes easy and still have the energy to do the class if I sip a sports drink.     I've seen on most running programs that include weight training or non running HIIT,  that running speed work is done after, either  on the same day as the HIIT, or the following day as they target the same energy systems.

    Am I screwing up the benefits I get from the easy running by doing HIIT right after?

      Depends on whether or not you exceed the training load you can truly handle. If your pace at the same HR or intensity is improving, and not regressing, then good. Keep going, until you either need more, or less, to keep on the track of progress.