10 mile race training (Read 184 times)


    I'm 3 weeks post my first marathon and have done what seems like a sensible reverse taper. Spotted a 10 mile race on the calendar  5 weeks away. Thought I'd use some improved fitness from marathon training to run it. Any thoughts on preparing for it ? I was thinking either a) follow last 5 weeks of a half marathon program or b) Maybe just repeat weeks 7 thru 3 of my recent marathon training ?


      I'm no expert on the 10 mile distance, but I've heard that 10K training is also appropriate for the 10 mile race, particularly so I would imagine since you're already in marathon shape. Maybe find a 10K program and follow the last five weeks of it? Or just do some good tempo and speed work between now and the race. 2 mile repeats are said to be particularly good workouts for the 10K. I can't imagine they would not be also useful for a 10-mile race.