Newish runner and new to RA (Read 143 times)

    Hello Everyone, 


    My name is Kristi, I'm from Upstate NY, married with no children yet and have been running for about 3 months.  I just ran my first 5k race on Thanksgiving and I loved it.  I was enjoying training, but I loved the race.  I have another race next Saturday.  


    Now onto my question:


    I am pretty fit, worked out before I started running, and have been adding mileage very slowly.  I try to add 1 mile a week to a long run, since I go to the gym before work on weekdays and I hate getting up in the morning. I try to run at least my LR outside on the weekend if not both Saturday and Sunday.  I have been searching for a 1/2 to train for that I wouldnt have to travel far for.  Well this morning I discovered that there is a 1/2 in April here in town.  Mind you we live in the foothills to the Adirondacks, and the race runs into the Adirondack park.  The gain in elevation is 325 ft but since its an out and back course you do that hill twice.  In the first 3 miles and then again at 10 miles.  I have 4 months to prepare and I really want to do it.  


    Do you have any advice in training plans?  I do not want to have a minimal training plan since sometimes work gets in the way of my runs in the morning.  I want a plan to finish the race, not to Race the race.  The time limit is 4 hours which seems doable even on a hard course.  


    Any advice/encouragement is greatly appreciated.  


    Thanks Kristi

    Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!