Logging intervals? (Read 552 times)


    I'm trying this log for the first time. I wanted to try it out by logging an interval session, but I can't seem to get it right. I ran 3x1200m with 600m jog recoveries between reps, and then there was a warmup and a cooldown, too. I can record the intervals, but not the jogs and the warmup/down part of the run. If I omit them, the mileage will be wrong. The 'add' button doesn't seem to light up. There is a interval/recovery/rest curtain, but I only manage to delete my previous entry if I use it. What am I doing wrong? How do I log a run of 1200m jog warmup, 1200m interval, 600m jog recovery, 1200m interval, 600m jog recovery, 1200m interval, 1200m jog cooldown, totaling 7200m?


      I just treat my warm up and cool downs as "recovery" and call it good. Unless I am using different shoes for the intervals, in which case I split it into two different workouts. After filling out the interval/rest/recovery line, press add, and you should get a new line. Fill out that line, press add, get the third line, etc etc. You also do not need to have all of your intervals add up to your total mileage, if you don't want to bother recording your warmup / cool down.

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        I'll log warmups/downs as recoveries as you suggest, thank you. I couldn't add another line before, but after reading your post I figured out what the problem was. I was writing the times as t.tt in stead of t:tt, and the engine doesn't recognize this format and just ignores the entry, causing me to be unable to press 'add'. I got it now. Thanks!