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    I want to play with an Android app, but do not have any Android devices. Anybody know how I can do this? Can I download an Android emulator and treat it as a real Android device, including installing and using apps?


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      12 Monkeys

        And: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/77647.html


        This seems to be a good start, but I cannot find/download apps.

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          Yup looks like a load of bluestack users have no results with the app search.

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            Last I tried it more than a year ago it was possible to install the Google Play Services SDK in the emulator then manually install the Google Play Store APK and have a (mostly) working Play Store. What didn't work was setting up an account to buy apps, I could only download free ones, but I didn't work very hard at it. I had an Android phone so I had a copy of the APK; it'll take more effort if you don't have one (like borrowing someone's. That device may need to be rooted but I'm not sure - mine always was). Google has since made the Play Store less open so none of that may work now.


            You can also buy a used Android phone on ebay compatible with Metro PCS or Virgin Mobile or other contract-free carrier for peanuts and get a month's worth of service for some more peanuts. It'll work better and save you time and headaches, if not peanuts.