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    Did a 6 mile run up the valley this morning..i've never ran this route before, its all up-hill into valley (and fun down-hill on the way down)...but everything was so green and beautiful, its nice to check out a new route. Then I drove down to the beach at lunch-time, lo and behold, there's little glassy shoulder-high waves (been a while since there's fun waves) and nobody out...1 hr fun run, 1 hr fun surf, what a day...my legs and arms are tired and i'm ready to take a nap under my desk, hopefully nobody will notice.

    Now that was a bath...

      Ha - Polynesia rocks! We have some pretty cool surf beaches near here too. I don't surf but I do like to lie back on the dunes and watch the surfers at play. I still haven't found anything at all that sparks my interest on the crosstraining front though. You will notice that I am conspicuously absent from the 'favorite type of cross training' thread and at the moment I am crosstraining by sitting on the couch. Claire xxx
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    • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.
        But maybe some cross training would be called for now during injury recovery time??? As much as it sucks to do things other than run, you'd be surprised by two things: 1. how much it keeps you conditioned for your return to running. 2. how fun it can be when you don't have an option. I would suggest running in the pool. No impact, good workout.
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